"Driving Sustainability, Empowering Communities: Antony Waste's Commitment to CSR"


Antony Waste Handling Cell Limited and its subsidiaries are dedicated to fostering a more sustainable environment. As a prominent player in the waste management sector, we understand the profound impact our operations have on the planet. Recognizing that what benefits the planet also benefits us, we are firmly committed to aligning our CSR activities with our overarching goal of promoting the well-being of both people and the planet.

As a responsible corporate entity, we actively give back to society through our CSR initiatives, with a strong focus on community engagement. Our commitment to community development is exemplified through initiatives that improve healthcare infrastructure, provide quality education, and contribute to a clean environment. We actively participate in the Swachh Bharat Mission, playing a vital role in ensuring cleanliness in local communities, schools, and public spaces.

At Antony Waste, we are proud to be at the forefront of advancing environmentally-friendly waste management techniques. We strive to raise awareness and encourage community participation in promoting sustainability. Together, we are driving sustainability and empowering communities for a brighter, greener future."

Our CSR Mission

To foster a sustainable environment and empower communities through responsible waste management practices and impactful initiatives. We are dedicated to improving healthcare infrastructure, providing quality education, and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. By actively engaging with communities and advocating for sustainable practices, we aim to create lasting positive change for both people and the planet."


Our CSR Initiatives

In line with our mission , we have launched three flagship projects: AWHCL Shiksha, AWHCL Aarogya, and AWHCL Parivesh, each dedicated to the areas of education, health, and environment respectively. Through these projects, we aim to create meaningful and lasting change in the lives of individuals and communities."


AWHCL Shiksha

seeks to improve access to education in rural areas while also offering poor children a good education.


AWHCL Aarogya

recognises the value of improving healthcare infrastructure, removing malnutrition and hygiene in local communities.


AWHCL Parivesh

makes sincere efforts to maintain a clean environment through tree plantation drives.

"Antony Waste is committed to carrying out education-related CSR activities through its AWHCL Shiksha program. We support initiatives that aim to provide quality education to underprivileged children, promote innovation and entrepreneurship skills, and enhance the overall educational infrastructure in the communities where we operate."

Antony Waste undertakes health-related CSR activities to address the healthcare needs of our communities. Through this program, the company is dedicated to assisting impoverished community members battling cancer and providing support through a range of CSR activities.

Recognizing the multitude of benefits provided by trees, including releasing oxygen, absorbing pollutants like carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide, protecting against harmful UV rays, providing food, preventing soil erosion, maintaining ecological balance, and mitigating the effects of global warming, Antony Waste has launched the AWHCL Parivesh program. This initiative aims to harness the power of trees and promote their preservation and planting for a sustainable and healthier environment.

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