Varanasi Waste Solutions Private Limited

Established in 2020, Varanasi Waste Solutions Private Limited is a step-down subsidiary of Antony Waste Handling Cell Limited, specializing in comprehensive waste management solutions. The company aims to address the waste management needs of Varanasi city through a 7-year contract with the Varanasi Municipal Corporation.

Since the project's initiation on October 2, 2021, Varanasi Waste Solutions has been actively involved in door-to-door collection and transportation of Municipal Solid Waste services, mechanized road sweeping, and other related services.

The company covers all five zones of Varanasi, serving a vast area that includes


residential units


commercial units


bulk generators


With a strong focus on efficiency and sustainability, Varanasi Waste Solutions manages a daily waste volume of approximately 700 tonnes per day.


The company utilizes advanced sweeping machines to cover 35 kilometres of roads, ensuring clean and well-maintained city streets.


The operations are carried out by a dedicated workforce of 1400+ employees, supported by a fleet of 230+ vehicles for seamless waste transportation and collection.

Varanasi Waste Solutions takes pride in its successful track record of contract implementation, earning recognition and trust from the Varanasi Municipal Corporation and the local community. The company is committed to creating cleaner and healthier cities by adhering to high-quality waste management practices and promoting sustainable development goals.

Leveraging its status as a step-down subsidiary of Antony Waste Handling Cell Limited, Varanasi Waste Solutions capitalizes on the wealth of expertise and experience garnered by its parent company in the waste management sector. Collaboratively, they endeavor to achieve excellence and spearhead pioneering solutions, aiming to foster a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future not only for the city of Varanasi but also extending their impact beyond.

Antony Waste Handling Cell Limited

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