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Antony Waste Handling Cell Ltd

The Company is part of the ‘Antony’ group which has diversified business interests, including in the automotive body-building and ancillary industries. The Company is one of the top five players in the Indian Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management industry with an established track record of 17 years, providing full spectrum of MSW services which includes solid waste collection, transportation, processing and disposal services across the country, primarily catering to Indian municipalities. It is among the select few who have pioneered in MSW collection and transportation sector. It is among the key players in landfill construction and management sector with in-house expertise for landfill construction along with its management. It is also present in the emerging waste management area in India which is MSW based Waste to Energy (WTE).

The Company primarily undertakes MSW C&T (Collection & Transport) projects, MSW processing projects and mechanized sweeping projects through itself and/or Subsidiaries. Having undertaken more than 25 projects till date, of which 18 are ongoing, it has demonstrated a track-record as a comprehensive service provider equipped with the resources to handle large-scale projects for municipalities as well as private players. Our portfolio of 18 ongoing projects comprised 12 MSW C&T projects, two MSW processing (including WTE) project and four mechanized sweeping projects.

The Company is currently undertaking projects for the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the Thane Municipal Corporation, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation, the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation, the Mangalore Municipal Corporation and the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority. It is also currently undertaking a project for Jaypee International Sports. In the past, it also has undertaken projects for Municipal Corporation of Delhi, Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon Amritsar Municipal Corporation, Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation and Jaipur Municipal Corporation. Its strengths and capabilities are evidenced by the long-term servicing relationships that it has been able to maintain with some customers.

The Company’s foothold in the solid waste management industry can be traced back to the incorporation of the Company in 2001. Starting with a simple business of collection and transportation of waste, it has come a long way in the field of solid waste management with adoption of latest technologies and innovations thereby transforming this business itself into a complex operation system with the use of technologies in garbage compaction, processing, use of transfer stations, management of sanitary engineered landfills.


A Mission to Save the World


To become a valued partner to our customers and to make a significant contribution towards preserving the environment by planning and implementing strategies to ensure that the country's need for a total solid waste management solution is fully met.


Quality Policy

Quality Assurance


The Company strive to deliver high quality services at every stage of our projects. We have a qualified team of engineers and other professionals to ensure that our project sites are adequately stock with spares. Through our store inventory management, we strive to achieve optimal stock levels of spare parts. We also strive to purchase spare parts at the best market price from the original equipment manufacturers to ensure quality at the same time. This enables us to ensure timely fleet maintenance, thereby reducing the vehicle break down time.


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